Straight out the South Coast of the UK comes emcee Tommy Brown who makes his mark on our site with his new release titled “Saccharine (Remix).”  The track has a summertime, feel-good vibe with its warm keys, lush textures, and smooth bounce that for the foundation to Brown’s crystal clear delivery and storytelling skills. The track is produced by DiamondBack Kid.

Check out more material from him HERE.


Carousouls is the second album from Tommy Brown and takes us on a tour of extreme musical proportion. Heavy jazz/soul/rock and hip-hop influences provide the perfect backdrop for Tommy’s intricate rhyme schemes. Teaming up once again with the stellar production of DiamondBack Kid, the result is an emotionally-driven head-bopping cascade of drums, keys, guitars, and trumpets – all recorded live thanks to a brilliant band that is assembled around Tommy – and packed with a raw authenticity that we have come to expect from his work.


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