After 94 exciting episodes of our weekly video list, we have decided to change the format to include more visuals. This is to accommodate the rising requests we get and to shine a light on artists who otherwise might fall under the radar.
So, everybody, we start September with the newly formed  TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos.
This is more videos for viewers out there, whether you have been following us or are new to us, we are sure there is something in here for you. Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.



Modenine – “A Hero has come 2 “

The legendary UK-based Nigerian emcee Modenine helps set this video playlist off with “A Hero has come 2 “, an action-packed track that sees the rapper as the anti-hero who has come to save the game from wack rappers. Over a sombre and ominous soundscape, Modenine gets a call from his handler who alerts him of the re-emergence of some vagrant rappers/DJs and hypemen and proceeds to decommission using verbal brute force. The accompanying visual is completely animated and is engaging from start to finish plus it’s fun to watch Modenine single-handedly take down an entire platoon of rappers.


Tree Thomas – “Right Now”

Uprising artist Tree Thomas delivers this adulation-filled R&B/afropop-infused record titled “Right Now”. Armed with his distinct melodic runs and heartfelt lyricism, Tree pours his heart on wax and promises his girl that he will always be there for her. The visual is expertly put together with its luxurious settings that capture Tree’s laidback personality in all its glory.




Ice Meez – “She Got it”.

Ice Meez delivers an anthem for the boss chick in his new release titled “She Got it”. Backed by a punchy soundscape provided by renowned billboard charting multi-platinum producer, Dj Flippp, Ice Meez pours adulations on his chick, who is independent and on her grind. The music video for “She Got It” is a visual masterpiece, seamlessly weaving together Ice Meez’s compelling narrative with the captivating presence of Katherine Deleon. Deleon, an aspiring model, brings magnetic energy to the screen, embodying the spirit of the song and adding depth to its message. Her charisma and grace complement Ice Meez’s dynamic performance, creating a visual synergy that elevates the entire viewing experience.

“She Got It” is lifted from Ice Meez’s lead single from his highly anticipated EP, Underrated entirely curated by Dj Flippp.



Joey Innit – “My Way Back” (feat. Molly Parker)

Joey Innit shares the video for “My Way Back” featuring vocalist Molly Parker. The reflective tune explores mental health and inner demons from his own perspective. Over the sombre backdrop, he takes us deep into his mind and all the dark alleys and demons he has to battle every day. He hopes for a respite and maybe a silver lining to light up his way back but it seems to be taking a long time but he sure is not giving up anytime soon. He is joined by Molly Parker who adds a soul gripping vocal performance to the track. The visuals have a dark moody feel that serves as a metaphor for Joey’s internal troubles and captures his journey back to the light from the darkness.




Fortunato x Sean One – “Long Road”


Fortunato and Sean One return with visuals for “Long Road”, a reflective track that captures the ups and downs of a man going through tough times and finding the inner resilience to forge ahead with no complaints. The production is moody and Fortunato’s candid lyricism sure takes precedence over anything. The video was shot in Sudbury by Koncept and features several iconic landmarks and a pitbull co-star. It captures the beauty of Northern Ontario’s nature and makes use of live-action performance shots with subtle cinematic effects and special VFX that add to the solemn theme of the track

“Long Road”, is the fourth single from Fortunato & Sean One’s Blue Collar 2 album.


Plouz&Foen – Strakal”


Breton-based rap group Plouz&Foen delivers “Strakal”, a bouncing and punchy track ripe with bravado and a showcase of lyrical skills from the rappers. They rap in their native language but their emotional punch can be felt. The visual is quite engaging and uses dark moody aesthetics and seamless transitions with interesting angles.

It’s a “postcard” piece from our group, which is a rap group in Breton, we bring an energy and a vibe that can touch everyone, and that can cross possible language barriers.


Que K – “Sip slo”


Que K takes time from the daily grind to “Sip slo”, the laidback and sombre track is ripe with unapologetic bars and an impassioned flow. The visuals follow a simple theme with performance shots and cut scenes that focus on the rapper.


Rio Rainz – “dancing in the dark”.

Uprising rapper/singer Rio Rainz takes us “dancing in the dark” as he prepares to drop his forthcoming EP, cobwebs in my bedroom. The track produced by Dom Valentino, has a warm, reflective piano riff, pulsating bassline and soft horns underpinned by his sublime melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on being lovelorn but not afraid to be vulnerable. The accompanying video is shot on a bus with Rio and his band and the concept is quite original and well put together.



CGB J-Real – “Life”


CGB J-Real shows us what happens in his “Life” and the ups and downs that come with it. The reflective track is bolstered by his rich melodic flow and candid lyrics. The visual is as straightforward as can be and makes use of performance shots and seamless transitions as well.







Chase Soundz – “Thousand Heinekens”



Indie rapper/songwriter Chase Soundz helps close out this week’s video list with “Thousand Heinekens”, a mellow reflective track that sees him digging deep into his mind and the vices that got him in a chokehold. The visual concept is quite ingenious and follows the rapper repeatedly drowning himself with various forms of beverages as the day goes by.

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