The AlliYance is a rap quartet consisting of Swanny River, Billy Hood, I.K.P and Earthtone. Individuals with skills ranging from emceeing, deejaying and producing. The group just dropped their latest visuals for their song “Sugar Water, Pt. 1: Phone Tap”, obviously inspired by the classic Firm track of the same name but on here the men stake out to defend the culture at any cost.

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Swanny River is a no-nonsense deejay and producer from Brooklyn, New York with an extensive list of credits and a discography that dates back to 1989.  His fiery passion for hip-hop is shown in his unrelenting desire to constantly raise the bar and show his skills behind the boards. It’s fueled his staying power, making him a beacon for generations of artists eager to feed from his fervent energy.

Billy Hood is an independent hip-hop artist from Greenburgh, NY. He’s released a string of stunning, hardcore mixtapes, party-starting singles and collaborations, all showcasing his gritty but smooth vocal delivery and his understated and witty, punchline-packed rap style.

I.K.P. (The Infamous King of Positivity) is an independent hip-hop artist and producer. Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, he brings varied approaches to his flows, influenced by his northern roots, southern-styled upbringing and experimental attitude. To date, he’s released three albums and a mixtape that puts his direct, tense style and visceral insight on prime display.

EarthTone is also an independent hip-hop artist as well as producer, with influences ranging from The Eagles to Erykah Badu. Hailing from East Orange, New Jersey, his studied approach to hip-hop gives him an edge where he can offer lightning-fast delivery with a confident, laidback assertiveness at one instance and inventive, soulful grooves in his productions the next minute. So far, EarthTone has released a self-produced EP and a mixtape to his credit.

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