Atl based singer/songwriter Terashon shares her newest record “Dear To Me” and it’s solid from start to finish. Armed with honeyed/silky vocals, she explains what really makes her tick. Over a mellow, dreamy backdrop she details how happiness is from within and it’s by truly searching within can someone find it.

Terashon ( born July 26, 1992) is a Soul singer and songwriter. She was born in Chicago Heights, IL, but moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 11. Terashon released her first single titled “You” followed by a self titled EP in 2017. During the project she worked with Justin Levy, vocal coach and arrangement specialist, who helped organize her sound and Dillon Lawter, who mixed and mastered the project. Terashon has performed at some of the most popular showcases in Atlanta. She also auditioned for American Idol, and made appearances in Denver, CO, where she also shot her first video for “The Way.” Terashon has been singing her entire life. As a child she would perform for her family, using anything she could as a microphone, Mimicking her favorite singer, the late Selena Quintanilla. Lauryn Hill also inspired the young entertainer. By the age of 6 Terashon started writing her own songs. Her father noticed his daughters gift and decided to manage her career. At the age of 18 Terashon no longer wanted to pursue a singing career. She grew tired of all the vocal training, studios and rejection. She decided to focus on school and having a social life. In 2015 Tershon’s 20 year old sister passed away in a fatal car accident, this unfortunate event pushed Terashon to follow her dreams. She used the death of her sister as motivation, she could not just live, Terashon needed to be “alive.” At the age of 23 Terashon returned home to live with her parents to save up money and purchased a home studio. Terashon recorded her first EP in her studio and now uses the studio to record rough drafts for her second project. Terashon plans to stay in the soul hip-hop lane and intends to add a little bit Funk to the roster. Her second EP will be released in the beginning of 2018.

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