TARiiiQ‘s “CHERRY BOMB” harks back tot he good old days of hard-hitting beats and bravado lyrics. He makes use of the classic boom-bap backdrop to convey his thoughts across from slick wordplay,  aggressive flow, and witty lines like”…born a Muslim brother so I ain’t eating bacon, I’m just baking…” or triggering the censor sensitive folks with “…Super Saiyan bars, if you know what I’m saying/ might be insane in the brain but I be saying. muthafuckaaaaah…”

TARiiiQ does the beat justice by lacing it with some serious bars and high energy delivery, matching the grimy and rugged feel of the beat and content. He also makes use of a scratch hook to make the song more focused on the bars, and as a nod to the classic vibes of 90s hip-hop.


“CHERRY BOMB” is TARiiiQ’s 4th single and first single off his upcoming Timeless EP.


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