Sheisty Khrist wants you to know Cold Winter is visual album.  The first visual holds the grit of a snuff film. In it we find Sheisty in a difficulty situation with a gun pressed to his jaw as his comrade is dragged across a desolate back alley setting.  Cold Winter is altogether brutal and beautiful, a reflection of ourselves as hopeful beings in sometimes hopeless environments.  In Sheisty’s own words, “When it came time to shoot the visuals for the title track, we wanted them to match the nature of the record itself. We wanted something that felt like a snuff film. Something that injected the viewer smack dab into an utterly reckless word. What happens when you combine something like Bronson’s ‘Death Wish’ with a kind ‘Sergio Leone’ aesthetic?  Cold Winter.

The NWL MC and Kentucky native came together with Lexington, Kentucky producer Lofidel to provide an album that at times will drop you down as low as sub zero temperatures, then effortlessly lift you back up in admiration of the climb from the depths you were just plunged into.  While Kentucky is really heating up from a hip hop stand point, it’s all about Cold Winter and the lead off visual for the title track.  We’ll enjoy this quick hitter for a while and also be in anticipation of more visual releases off the album.

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