Rite Hook offers us a glimpse into a day in his life in the lab with producer The Arcitype. In the same vein, they deliver us some fresh produce in the form of “On The Spot” which frees 2 birds with one stone. Rite Hook is right in his element here as he demolishes the ominous soundscape with an impassioned, double time flow which switches to gritty rock-esque singing. You have to watch the video to fully comprehend the dopeness. Hit the play button, get familiar and check out the T shit giveaway competition below.


Beantown’s Rite Hook offers a glimpse into his creative process with the aptly titled “On the Spot.” The Rose Glen Ent., directed video documents a studio session with Hook’s frequent collaborator, and fellow Bostonian, The Arcitype. 

The black-and-white visuals kick off with Arc layering his musing backdrop of melodic keys, raw drums, and skittering hi-hats. It makes for the perfect accompaniment to Hook’s diverse delivery, which seamlessly hops from dizzying double-time raps to gruff sing-song, to full-on crooner. 

What’s most impressive here—beyond his chops as a songwriter—is the fact that he sounds like two different people. It’s one thing to try your hand at rapping and singing, though it’s inevitable that one talent will overshadow the other. The thing is, that’s not the case with Hook, as he displays his ability to rhyme and sing with the best of ‘em.

The audio version of “On The Spot” is now available for free download exclusively via 2DopeBoyz, who are also offering a T-Shirt giveaway, courtesy of Rite Hook, which will last through this Friday (2/26).  Although a release date has yet to be confirmed, be on the lookout for more updates from Rite Hooks forthcoming LP, Modify, which is set to drop via Leedz Edutainment. 


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