Another day, another dope release from Digicrates records!  This album came out last month but i’ve only got just got round to reviewing it.  Digicrates have consistently dropped some great music this year and i’ve got allot of respect for them as a label as they have given a platform for allot of young talented producers!

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This album is a tribute to the late Nujabes and im always dubious with tribute albums but this record is different as it features a lot of producers who have clearly been inspired by Nujabes and I think that is the difference from people who make tribute songs to get ‘fame’ and people who make tribute songs to pay homage to a musical legend.

The record features some recognisable names from Youtube! Shoutout to DJ Ezasscul, Reki and Evan Awake!

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I feel that each artist brings something different, its very easy with instrumental albums to get bored but with this album the variety of beats keeps the ear entertained from start to finish.

DJ Sorama‘s ‘Shooting Stars’ is a great up tempo piano laced rhythm and im definitely looking forward to hearing more from him. DJ Ezasscul a young up and coming producer from Brookyln has two tracks on the album, Heavenly Keys and Jazz Meditation the latter being my favourite.  Whilst its clear that he has allot of potential i would love to hear a track from him with more ‘heavy hitting drums’. 14‘s ‘Dreams’ is a beat many of you may already be familiar with as Hus rapped over it in the past.  Its one of my favourites off the album, a real mellow number!

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Reki – Amber Light” dl=”0″]

For me the standout track is from my man Reki!  The young french producer has some great music and im real happy to see him on a album like this where his talent can be heard round the world.  The track Amber Light by him was the perfect accompaniment to this tribute to the late Nujabes.

Overall its a solid release with a couple standout tracks which really show Nujabes music inspired so many people from all walks of life.

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