We always told you we try to bring the dopest dope from anywhere, as long as it is fresh we will share it with our faithfuls right here on WIB. With that being said, I need to introduce this producer from Lesotho called San The Instru-Monumentalist. The man has been doing his thing for quite some time now and he just hit me up with a new collaborative project entitled Fatal Diagnosis, he crafted alongside the rapping duo called The Lost Verse. The Lost Verse consists of 2  Zimbabwean emcees who go by the names of KemmyKals and Tha Bwoi Lee.

Fatal Diagnosis is a 10 track body of work that harks back to a time of where dope beats, novel concepts and personal narratives was more than enough to make a solid rap record. These guys talk about their economical situation(albeit hilariously), their love for the Cannabis plant(with political undertones) and even country border issues over soulful, Afro tinged soundscapes crafted by San.

It’s always interesting hearing something engaging from time to time and Fatal Diagnosis is that thing now. If you like your hip-hop, raw, undiluted- tune in and listen to these cats.

Fatal Diagnosis is an album by Producer SAN, the Instru-Monumentalist from Lesotho and The Lost Verse, comprising of Pretoria based and Zimbabwean born Emcees, KemmyKals and Tha Bwoi Lee.

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