Osteoleuco is a Japanese rap duo made up of KSK from Men’s Groove Fashion and pianist, Shimon Hoshino who both bring a unique blend of lo-fi, piano-driven style of hip-hop. On their new release titled “Yaritai/Yaritakunai,” the duo go for a pretty off-kilter and unpredictable theme that includes blending soft keys, mellow drums with random lyrical couplets that shows how life is complex and simple at the same time. The song title is Japanese for I want to/I don’t want to and it dives into our various decisions when it comes to our daily lives.

The video directed by Osteoleuco and Kohay Matsu is quite zany and somewhat insightful too. It juxtaposes several random objects, opposites, and other visual motifs that play into decision makings and then some. “Yaritai/Yaritakunai” is the second video from Osteoleuco and it’s made in conjunction with Tokyo-based streetwear brand Tenbox.

Get it on all DSPs here.


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