Nolan the Ninja is no stranger to WIB but funny enough I haven’t really digested enough of the man’s music to fully appreciate him till now. His new project The Ill Sh-t is a testament to that gritty 90s styled hip-hop I grew up on. To be fair, the project has some soul influences as well so its not some retro wanna be type project but more importantly is Nolan’s flow, damn son has that hunger and passion needed in this rap game.

As a total 90s head, I can’t but like this, yes the Pro Era comparison will come up every now and then but Nolan holds his own from start in finish so there that go. Hit the play and lay your thoughts in the comment section.

After several months of preparing…Detroit emcee-producer Nolan The Ninja finally releases his new album, ‘The Ill Sh-t’!

On the 14-track project (excluding two hidden bonuses), the 21-year old presents his angle of mystic & gritty tonality.

Unlike his previous effort ‘NinjaTown’, he displays more matured content & subject matter(s)…

An example of this are songs such as “Progression” & “Prosperity”, where he expresses his quest for success.

The album’s production is mostly handled by Nolan himself, along with a few tracks produced by 5ynoT & Sinoptris.

The album features its singles “Plight” & “F-ck The Whack” as well guest appearances by Noveliss of Clear Soul Forces, MarvWon & more!

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