We have been waiting to share this info with you for a long time and today we finally got the go ahead to bring the great news:

Coming in 2011 is K-Murdocks brand new album “Net-Works”, in conjunction with the Word Is Bond.Com. When we first came into contact with K, little did we know it would form a partnership to create an entire album. The internet has allowed us to come together in the name of good music, breaking down the limits of borders and time zones. From the U.S. to the U.K. and beyond, we have reached out to some of the biggest names from the World of underground hip-hop. Exploring ideas which would have been otherwise impossible, this is artist interaction on the next level.

Just like the concept of “Versus”, the vision for over-sea’s collaborations lead us on a journey which reaped great rewards. This project brings to fruition Months of hard work with the goal of creating a true piece of art, inspired by a shared love for hip-hop. In the coming months, you can expect a progressive and foreward thinking album. Showcasing the talents of it’s producer K-Murdock, “Net-Works” will deliver an impressive and soon to be announced list of emcees, all brought to you by the Word Is Bond.Com. We hope you’ll enjoy the results as much as we’ve enjoyed putting these great artists together.

Stay tuned for more updates –

The Word Is Bond Team

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