Chicago Now has done a small piece on Cyne, and the body of work they have so far, which is amazing…it’s great to see a good website talking about good Underground music

Here’s an excerpt:

 (Not the best picture though :) )

CYNE (Cultivating Your New Experience) pronounced “sign,” is an indie hip-hop group from Gainesville, Florida.  The group is made up of emcees Akin and Cise Star and producers Speck and Enoch. 

 CYNE’s lyrics are often described as introspective and emotionally charged; the group has received acclaim for addressing socio-political topics in a markedly passionate and soulful manner.  The group combines melodic elements of genres like hip-hop, jazz, afro-percussion, and trip hop.  One of the coolest things about listening to CYNE is that each of their albums is complete, an audio-narrative. 

CYNE’s most recent release was Water For Mars which debuted Spring of 2009 in Japan.  The album is a 21-song goldmine.  Water For Mars hits an especially high note with “Pretty Apollo”–the perfect song for a windows-down drive on a sunny afternoon. It’s a feel-good song that allows the listener to do nothing more than coast and enjoy its pleasurable melody and flow. 

Read the rest… HERE

You can get some of CYNE’s great music HERE


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