Bop Alloy are at it again! The aforementioned remix project is now recruiting support from fans to achieve actualisation.  A whole heap of goodness for offer in return for our support, head over to the campaign site for more…

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1. Ocean Dance [Arrival] | Prod. by: Marcus D
2. Jazzmatic (lastORDER Remix) | Prod. by: lastORDER
3. Why the World Weeps (Bolo Remix) f. Mello-D & Steph the Sapphic Songstress | Prod. by: Bolo
4. Get Up & Move [Interlude] | Prod. by: Marcus D
5. Chillaxation (Marcus D Remix) | Prod. by: Marcus D
6. The Boy With No Name (Funky DL Remix) | Prod. by: Funky DL
7. If I Was Your Mic 5.0 (Marcus D Remix) | Prod. by: Marcus D
8. Tokyo Twilight (Neoson Ichiban Remix) | Prod. by: K-Murdock
9. Cloud 9 (Part 2) f. Justis, Nate Vibez & Javier Starks | Prod. by: Marcus D
10. Universe Works (J-zen Remix) f. Wordslave of Root & Words | Prod. by: J-zen
11. StarChild (Subtracktion Remix) f. Kayo Charles | Prod. by: Substantial
12. 1Lead the Followers (Part 2) f. yU, Kokayi, Gods’Illa & Wordsmith | Prod. by: Joe.D
13. What Dreams May Come [Departure] | Prod. by: Marcus D
14. Still Think Different (Acoustic Version) f. Peter Lee Johnson | Prod. by: Marcus D

Cover art by Jelle Smid: Twitter • Website (competition winner! love the continuation in theme)

Bop Alloy: Bandcamp • Facebook • MySpace • Twitter


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