Dominican singer-songwriter Navy caught our ears with her excellent blend of reggae, soul, and hip-hop with her new release “One Shot.” The record makes use of a classic soul sample enriched in summer vibes and Navy’s alluring vocals and genre-bending style. Although the record is bright and uplifting, she also takes time to detail her experiences as a woman in this crazy music industry where broken promises are the norm. She is quite determined to push on and delivers this anthem for self-love, encouragement, and a renewed focus on her life and career.

The video captures the summer spirit with a focus on the singer in her element. The color palette and aesthetics are soothing and warm while the costumes are somewhat edgy alluding to her new outlook on life as she takes it by the reins.


A key member of the Caribbean music community and also the front-woman of reggae fusion outfit Taste Of Pluto, Navy & her artist collective have built a following worldwide for their unique take on islander sounds mixed with influences from the UK & U.S.

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