Australian emcee MissGenius makes her debut on TWIB with her soulful and poignant single titled “I Don’t Wanna Be.” The lush guitar-driven production by Matt Gio and Dan Carroll sure make for a very enticing sound coupled with MissGenius’s thoughtful lyrics and melodic flows.  In the verses, she explores the inner turmoil we all feel when trying to be genuine despite what societal norms may dictate. She carefully analyzes the jeopardy people may put themselves in when they try to imitate the life of the rich and famous. It may look all dandy on Instagram but the true reality is not always rosy. MissGenius sure delivers with raw, unfiltered energy and doesn’t mince her words to please anyone.


MissGenius is a First Nations hip hop MC and soul vocalist, MissGenius is a Maduwongga and Noongar woman who grew up in Broome, Perth and Kalgoorlie, WA. An artist who has written songs for herself since 2015, MissGenius uses music as a tool for strength and peace drawing from her life experiences, producing and recording all her own material in her Kalgoorlie bedroom. Convinced to play her first live show in 2018 as part of a West Australian Music’s (WAM) Goldfields Esperance Touring Circuit in April, she has since released three tracks.

Since the end of 2018 MissGenius has started to make noise outside of the remote Goldfields region of WA, she performed at WAMFest Live (November 18) and Bunuru Festival (Janurary 2019) in Yagan Square, Perth, as well as receiving a steady stream of invitations to collaborate with a number of popular Perth acts

She is currently a youth mentor with Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), MissGenius hasn’t always lived the lollipops and sunshine life, annd she shares her life experiences and overcoming those difficult times through these programs, and through her music.


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