Miles from Kinshasa serves up a lovely tune for our pleasure and we are loving this one right here. Revolving around breezy, sunshine-soaked production by Miles himself, the summertime feel sits at odds with the melancholy lyricism.


“With this song I really wanted to say exactly how I felt at that time about my own day-to-day and that I didn’t want to pretend that everything is okay all the time, but with a touch of smart writing too,” Miles explains. “It’s probably one of the most relatable songs I’ve written thus far.”


‘Wearing Smiles’ is taken from the Congo-born, London-based artist’s forthcoming EP ‘Beloved’, due in August. It arrives with a lo-fi video shot between London and Berlin in the pre-corona days, matching the song’s introspective themes.


Miles goes on to say “I put together some footage that I captured pre-lockdown, it just accompanies the song very well and shows me being very relaxed in my own world whilst talking about things on my mind. It feels very meditative.”


You can stream the song on Deezer, Apple and Soundcloud then hit up Miles from Kinshasa on Twitter.

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