Harlem raised soul singer/writer Mia Jae makes her entry on our site with her 6 track body of work titled Couples Therapy. The project is a personal diary of some sort that looks into her love life from being married, single, and the eternal feeling of wanting true love. 

The opening track “Better Man” is an unapologetic declaration of love for her man and sure sets the tone for the rest of the project. Jae truly knows her onions and delivers a soothing and emotional filled performance over the reflective backdrop. “Can’t Sleep” steps deep into her love life after separating from her husband and explores the men she dated. It makes for an interesting story and her approach is candid without mentioning names. She goes for subtlety and slowly draws the listener in with her silky and sultry vocals. “How It feels” has a more solemn and introspective feel with its lush textures and vintage keys. Jae once again proves she is not a one-trick pony and shows another side to her songwriting. This song is from the perspective of wanting to feel genuine love and its quite a departure from the previous song.

“Kinda Fine” sees Jae shooting her shot with intent. She easily glides over the smooth engulfing backdrop with her commanding presence and vivid writing. I like how she approaches it with precision without being vague. She knows what she wants and is set on getting it. The final track “It’s over” doesn’t stray from the title and depicts the sad end of a love story. It sure has a touching and very relatable lyrics as she heroically sings “Now all I have left are memories and my dreams at night are haunting me.” This is a true acknowledgment of the end and Jae brings it to a climactic close.

Couples Therapy is brief, emotionally packed, and intentional. Her overall approach is a mixed bag of sensuality, self-affirmation, sadness, and much more. The production is silky with a touch of retro soul and jazz elements that works perfectly. What else can I add besides adding this to your playlist?

Get it on Soundcloud as well.

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