It’s been a soccer crazy week here, well all the footie fans out there know what the deal is. Never the less, we at WIB gotta keep the bangers coming at you at a moments notice so here we go. J Maul, representing the famous S.I.N.Y(Wu heads would get this) jumps the gate with this dusty head banger called Really Right. Teaming up with veteran producer RNS who builds a sinister backdrop for the young man to paint vivid pictures. The result is a back to back verbal assault with no punches pulled. This is my first introduction to J Maul but man, he gives the vintage beat that new age vibe with his flow and delivery.

Dopeness from left to right. Watch out for his upcoming project ‘From My Mouth To God’s Ears’ which drops later this year.

Staten Island emcee J Maul lyrically slaps you left, right, right, left, with nearly four minutes of hard body rhymes on his latest leak, “Really Right.” But the three verses of tough talk, which you rarely find in any Hip-Hop songs these days, keeps you waiting for more like a World Cup rematch or episode of Game of Thrones. The legendary Wu-Tang affiliate producer RNS provides the menacing backdrop of broad cello strokes and loud Boom bap drumline for J Maul to leave mics torn. The Shaolin emcee may be a rookie in your books, but he’s set to put some serious numbers on the boards this year with his next project, From My Mouth To God’s Ears, which includes production from Buckwild, RNS, Smoke, Cue Trax, and more.

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