Half-Haitian, half-Jamaican, Malcolm Voltaire is hip-hop/soul artist raised on the south-side of Atlanta, GA. Voltaire’s artistry and lyricism are founded in the grassroots eras of hip-hop; 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.
Described by the artist himself as “Afro-Soul-Punk”, Voltaire is able to combine his southern roots with a retrospective progression of hip hop, psych, soul, and jazz. By weaving together these eclectic ingredients, Voltaire creates a fresh and modern soundscape that evokes a sense of timelessness and a feeling reminiscent of the “golden-age” of hip hop.

Voltaire debuts his musical talents in his new EP, “BLACK SUMMER”, in which he portrays an accurate landscape of his life as a 20 something-year-old man during the summertime in America. ‘

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