Mad Hattr is back to help us all prepare for “The Winter.”

His new video features some of the best emcees from London, Ontario, Canada including Ngajuana, Exit Only, Kyle Kanevil, and TempoMental. It’s not a posse cut, however. They don’t actually rap on the song. They take over the visuals for Hattr, who, if you blink while watching this, you will completely miss him in it.

The video concept is simple, but it really works. It’s also cool to see his family involved in it.

I love his line about trying to save the city from terrible music. His collective, Dreamsters Union, have been dropping fire for a minute now. They are on a mission to do just that. And it will help us get through what is expected to be a harsh winter.

“Winter’s coming, everybody make some heat!”

I also like the lyric about shortening his name. Many people simply refer to him as Hattr these days. He addressed that . . .

“Wanna switch to Hattr, but the world’s making sure that I stay mad.”

It’s hard to stay mad when you get great music like this.

Look for his full-length album, Offline Existence, coming soon!

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