Lupe Fiasco’s new album, the follow-up to the largely popular “Food & Liquor”, will be a double disc, according to an interview with Fuse.However, the more compelling part of the interview were Lupe’s comments about his approach.

“Food & Liquor 2 is the follow-up, the sequel to my first album Food & Liquor. This is my fourth album, and this is actually a part one and part two, it’s a double album,” he recently told FUSE. “With this record, I wanted to go back to the essence of what made that record so special, the frame of mind I was in when I did Food & Liquor the first time around.

“It’s the Lupe Fiasco I want to be without industry constraints, without the trying to please the hardcore fans or get the new fans,” he continued. “It’s just what I would do for myself if nobody ever heard it.”

I liked the first Food & Liquor and a lot of his mixtapes but Lasers was so far below the standard Lupe set for himself. Album drops May 22.


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