UK hip-hop collective LOST CULTURE return to the forefront with other members Cyclonz, Kai King, Ice Senju, and NAIM JUNIOR as they drop a new single “2019.” The NAIM-produced track is built on a moody and ominous texture and thick drums that blend with the rapper’s off-kilter rap stylings. The result is a blend of bravado somewhat insightful lyrics and varied cadences from the members. They cover a handful of topics ranging from pre-covid life, need to be health-conscious and more.

LOST CULTURE is the fresh exciting new hidden gem the UK is missing right now! The collective consists of a diverse set of individuals coming together to bring something totally raw yet cinematic to the ‘Chill UK Rap’ scene. The 4 core MCs Cyclonz, Ice Senju, Kai King with DJ NAIM JUNIOR behind production and the man behind events brand ‘DOTWAVNOTWAVE’ which hosted theMaster Peace show late December where the artists demonstrated their undeniable stage presence. It’s very clear to see that they will be the ones to watch and will come as a very pleasant surprise to some this year.

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