Indie genre-bending artist LIV†  newest release “Want You Bad Part 1 & 2” pays homage to emotions that creep up on you on a hot summer night prodding you to woo the person of your dreams. It’s quite alluring and passionate as LIV weaves a myriad of styles ranging from neo-soul/R&B and hip-hop without over-diluting the final product. She remains in pocket with her sultry vocal stylings and smooth raps towards the end of the track. Backed by a smooth guitar-driven soulful texture, LIV takes the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings of blossoming love at a speed of need.

“Want You Bad Part 1 & 2” is taken from her upcoming project titled Black Girl Unbothered.

Olivia Thomas—aka LIV— is a Pacific Northwest Native who at her core, values creativity, collaboration, and the service of others. Keeping her family and friends at the forefront of all that drives her, she uses her love and obsession of music, mixed with a knack for entrepreneurship, to bring what she feels is a “dope sound and vision” to her audience. Mimicking the northwest weather, she describes her music as, laidback, sometimes dark, but always soulful. Her music is a reflection on love, what it means to be black and outspoken and as well as what it takes to get out of your own way and be whoever you want. Be damned anyone else.


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