Detroit genre-bending band Liquid Monk showcases their unbridled versatility on their new release titled “Detour.” A piece that captures the essence of neo-soul, improv jazz, and hip-hop.  The single is helmed by singer Kameryn Ogden who delivers a commanding performance with her honeyed vocals while rapper A Minus comes through with some energetic flows over the dynamic boom-bap styled grooves and heartwarming textures laid by the band. “Detour” is the band’s first official single in almost 2 years and wee can tell they have more material in store for us.

Liquid Monk has become a name in the Detroit music scene synonymous with instrumental virtuosity, genre-bending creativity, and energetic performances. Integrating an array of live instrumentation alongside electronics, we have redefined how organic and electronic elements can blend to bring the excitement of a live band along with the texture and dance groove of a producer or DJ.


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