Emerging young. singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker Licorish goes for the basket on her new single “Shoot your shot” which sees her fusing a healthy dose of pop and R&B elements.  The title is based on the popular saying of going for what you want instead of beating around the bush.

Backed by a dreamy and lush soundscape, Licorish delivers a hearty performance that is both heartwarming, youthful, and relatable on many levels. She takes the listener on a journey filled with blossoming love, an undecided crush, and all the swirling emotions that come with the feeling. “Shoot your shot” is taken from her upcoming EP Sweet Tooth.

Licorish (Yes like the candy, but phonetically spelled) is a seventeen-year-old singer, songwriter, and actress! Many people ask why she chose the name Licorish. Long story very short, it’s her last name and it originates from Barbados. The name may also seem familiar as Licorish is the daughter of internationally renowned singer/producer and director Joyce Licorish. Licorish has been seen as part of the cast of the “Color Purple” tour playing the character of young Celie. She also attended a performing arts school in Georgia, but her time was cut short once she had to move to Anderson Indiana where she participated in show choir. She began to discover her true talent with music and is now venturing out as a solo artist with hopes of being the next big thing! She takes huge inspiration from Summer Walker, H.E.R, SZA, Londynn B, Bryson Tiller, and many other talented artists.


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