Producing emcee Last BeNeVoLeNcE (FKA BeNeVoLeNcE ) latest project is titled “The Best LP You’ve Never Heard” and is yet another auditory escape into the man’s world. His last project “PinakaMaganda” paid tribute to his wife and like his other body of work, he tackles interpersonal topics that the everyday man can relate to.

Hit the play button and get down with the program.

A full-length LP from Last BeNeVoLeNcE (formerly BeNeVoLeNcE) and the 4th vocal album he has released. “The Best LP You’ve Never Heard” carries a theme holding great meaning in that it tackles the topic of the struggles that indie artists face in the underground hip hop/jazz hop scene. For instance, the challenges of getting the proper promotion as well as what it feels like being overlooked by many, despite possessing talent. This album will set the stage for the next project–the long-waited sequel to Last BeNeVoLeNcE’s debut album “Save the World.”

“I feel like the music in this lp is really a reflection of who I am and there’s nothing better for an artist than to be himself, because no one else can bring that to the table musically.” – Last BeNeVoLeNcE

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