Canadian Jamaican experimental rap artist LAN’DO makes an entry with this bravado-laden track titled “16 Bit”. He teamed up with his longtime collaborator universes who crafts a video-game/grime-inspired backdrop perfect for the Toronto-based artist to flex his lyrical muscles over. His flow is animated and impassioned and his off-kilter entertaining lyrics also take precedence with themes of loyalty, friendship, and relationships, while staking his claim for being best-in-class.


The visual has a dark moody vibe and makes use of engaging motifs and performance shots that capture the rapper’s energetic, unfiltered style. The visual was shot by another longtime collaborator Kevin Kudu who helps bring Lan’do’s unique style to the screens.

Born in Canada and raised in Jamaica, Lan’do’s introduction to music came through his family – from his grandmother singing in the choir, to falling in love with his mother’s R&B collection, to creating his own sounds with his brother in the group Deadverysoon. He has since come together with fellow like-minded Toronto artists to form No Tourists, who have been garnering worldwide acclaim for their experimental rap fusion sounds. With his new solo music, Lan’do continues to push the envelope even further, and showcase just why he is becoming one to watch out for Toronto’s thriving rap scene.



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