kretzschクレツ is a Dutch/Indonesian Producer/Instrumentalist and a triphop artist from Amsterdam. The caligraphy next to his name is in Japanese which reads as ‘Kuretsu’ and translates as Crates. This more or less tells you that Kretzch always has his mind in the music. This track right here translates in Japanese language as ‘Dislike’ and the sound reads poetically for the curator and he expresses it in the following way:


“She came from the moon.

The moon you’ve been longing for your whole life.

Out of reach, but always in your mind.

The stories untold will be told soon.”


Growing up in/around Amsterdam had a big influence on kretzschクレツ and music became a big part of his life due to the massive music scene around him. Sample this track on Apple Music and Deezer but you can also go into the triphop world of Kretzsch Kuretsu on Soundcloud. His social media is active so dig in on Instagram.

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