The world is full of good people although one has to sift through the bad to find the good. This video you are about to watch is basically about that goodness that seems to missing in the world, that family bond that helps one feel loved. Feels Good To Be Konnected is a song by Kali Boyz showcasing a premier clothing line in Sacramento, called Konnected Clothing Company.
This company houses parolees when they’re released from the penitentiary and help them get back on their feet and this also includes rehabilitating former addicts and helping families in the community. Watching the video, you can sense the love and the bond between the people affected by the Konnected brand and Kali Boyz have done good to document such a grand gesture that is lacking in recent times among people. This song is the 1st single off the Konnected/Give Back 2 project due for release later this year, and also in the works is the Kali Boyz album, Far West Coast. Support the positive Kali Boyz movement.

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