Rapper/producer Kai Roberts shows us the ups and downs of academia in his new single “The College Anthem”. The track has a bright and uplifting backdrop that helps accentuate Kai’s vivid storytelling skills. He shows us the different activities and to some degree the pressure that comes with trying to succeed in college. from the frat parties, fast girls, and mounting assignments to other unsaid debaucheries, Kai sure gives a nuanced and engaging track that everyone can relate to.


Besides being a  producer, Kai Roberts is also a songwriter, and educator from Pittsburgh, PA. While attending Carnegie Mellon University as a full-time student, Kai has managed to gain local & national acclaim through his contributions to Pittsburgh based groups The H&T, Jasiri-X, Armstead Brown, the Arts Greenhouse Program, and many other music initiatives.
November 2013, Kai released his “Carnegie Cafe” album with the support of Carnegie Mellon University to local acclaim. With the intention of inspiring students through college tribulations, Carnegie Cafe quickly became a resource for students and inspiration for those dealing with mental health disorders and stresses of life. As a previous suffer of anxiety, Kai Roberts is a motivated performer with a passion for uplifting his audience.
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