Emerging Singapore born, Fiji raised London based singer JVSMINE shares the visuals for her summer-tinged song “take me over.” The single which happens to be her third release is produced by Jorge Arango Kure, who crafts a solemn and reflective backdrop for JVSMINE’s lilting vocals that engulfs the ears from the moment you hit the play button.

JVSMINE goes for a self-reflective feel and dwells on issues ranging from depression and its multiple effects but it’s not all doom and gloom as she leaves a ray of hope for the listeners with her uplifting vocal performance and lyrics.

The visual was shot by JVSMINE herself using a variety of sources ranging from her iPhone, old clips, and some footage shot by her sister in their garden during the lockdown. The concept was to capture a blissful summer if the pandemic didn’t happen and to create a nostalgic atmosphere from her previous travels in places like London, Singapore, and where JVSMINE and Jorge Arango Kure grew up- Fiji and Colombia. It’s a potpourri of clips merged into one to capture the true essence of peace and serenity.

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