Amsterdam-born singer/songwriter Joya Mooi shares her new soulful record “Old Suit” with us. Backed by a solemn backdrop courtesy of producer Sim Fane, Mooi tells a classic South African story about love, infidelity, revenge and how it affects everyone involved. The soft-voiced singer delivers a stunning performance that touches the soul and also makes the listener think deep thoughts.

Joya explains: “This song is inspired by the short story The Suit (1963) by South African writer Can Themba. In which a man discovers that his wife is cheating on him. After he discovers her infidelity he makes her tread the suit – the man left behind- as if it was a person visiting their home. Needless to say to the story doesn’t end well for them both. With this concept in mind, I wanted to write about how power dynamics, revenge and self-destructiveness can manifest in a bad relationship.”

The track is a follow up to her singles “I Can Do Better” and “Rice In Foil”.  All the songs are from her upcoming album The Ease Of Others, which will be out September 13th

Joya Mooi has many musical faces that are all characterised by her background as a conservatory-trained musician. The Amsterdam singer has been strongly influenced by jazz, hiphop and R&B, genres she combines fluidly in her work. With roots in South African, Joya gives insight into the experiences of a new generation from the African diaspora. Relationships, identity & belonging are reoccurring subjects in her music, that she’ll incorporate on her upcoming album that is set to be released in the second half of 2019. She previously released the albums Hard Melk (2010), Crystal Growth (2013) and EP The Waiting Room (2017).

Check out the video for “Old Suit” below.



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