Castor Pollux teams up with producers Yams and Jdankworth for this inter state collaboration courtesy of Woodman Clothing Company. The project ‘SD/OC/LA‘ is a ten track body of work that consists of four songs and 6 instrumentals. As usual Castor Pollux brings forth his profound, introspective type of rap which is much needed in these crazy times. This is a brilliant combination of passionate lyrics and equally intense soulful soundscapes from the producers Yams and J Dankworth.

I totally recommend this for everyone. My choice tracks are ‘Colors Bleeding‘, ‘Heartbeat‘ and the title track.

This album is a collaboration between Yams (Production) from Woodman Clothing Company , Castor Pollux (MC) and J.Dankworth (Production) known for their release last year Family and Music ! 

All 3 of these artists come to give an updated throwback vibe with honest lyrics and beautifully sliced samples over classic drum beats . 

Enjoy SD,OC,LA………



All Scratches by DJ Zero One. Album features Oddity Orwell and Bobby I.

Lyrics by Castor Pollux for Dalapadated Dist.

Production on tracks 1,4,6 by Jdankworth for Early Bedroom 1994.

Production on tracks 2,3,5 by Yams for Hot Box Studio.

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