We are all fans of Jazz music and live instrumentation here on WIB. Jazz re:freshed joins both, in a beautiful manner. Prelude is a 9 track EP featuring Kaidi Tatham, Tone Brass Band, Mark de Clive Lowe Trio amonst other respected acts.

Jazz re​:​freshed goes down every Thursday. at Mau Mau bar in London.  More info after the jump…

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Jazz re:freshed has been alive and kicking for nine years now and during those nine years, we‘ve had the pleasure of hosting hundreds of amazing bands. When we started out we just did not have the equipment to document these shows sonically, only managing to capture the odd video clip for posterity. Thus some our most memorable musical moments are only etched in the memories of those that experienced them first hand. 

A couple of years ago, we started to record the audio from the shows on very rudimentary recording devices (just for our own enjoyment). The audio quality was far from perfect, but where they fell short in audible clarity, they still managed to capture the vibe and energy of Jazz re:freshed. 

For the years of support you’ve given us at Jazz re:freshed, we have decided to cobble together some of the better recorded tracks as a free gift to say thank you. These tracks capture not only the enthusiasm and passion for the music that the Jazz re:freshed patrons have, but also the richness and diversity of the music; yes, the recordings may be rough round the edges, but it kicks! You may have been at one these gigs and might even hear yourself cheering on the track ;o) 

We have named the album “Prelude” because now that we have upgraded the sound system at the venue, we are now able to record bands at a much higher quality. Thus, this album is a prelude to the exquisitely recorded Jazz re:freshed Live Series… coming soon.

Visit the Jazz re:freshed website for more info

Jazz re:freshed: Website – Twitter

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