NY emcee Jamal Gasol heads out west and links up with legendary emcee Planet Asia for this solid collaboration titled “Cookies.” A straight-up lyric fest that showcases both emcee’s unique delivery and vivid imagery over a mellow, hazy backdrop courtesy of DirtyDiggs (JR, Noy).

“Cookies” doesn’t pander to the crowd and stands out by itself with the dusted textures but most importantly what Gasol and Planet Asia bring to the table. Gasol details his experience on the west coast from his NY state of mind while P.A delivers his characteristic multi-syllabic bravado raps that we all love.

“Cookies” is the first leak from Gasol’s forthcoming project with the production team Dirty Diggs. Titled 100 Blunts In Venice EP, the project was conceived from a weekend-long recording session with DirtyDiggs.


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