You may remember a while back i reviewed the album Music for Imaginary Movies by Berry Weight, well i caught up with the mysterious duo for a brief interview.

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For those who don’t know you introduce yourself?
We are Berry Weight, Apewok & Stab, also known as Nicolas Frenette and Maël Chauvet, we’ve been called producers, instrumentalists, musicians but we prefer to call our self music lovers.  We live far away from each other, Apewok  is from the south shore of Montreal, Canada & Stab is from Neuchâtel, Switzerland but that doesn’t stop us from doing anything.

We met in 2006 & since then we never stopped making music together, we did many trans-atlantic trips, two concerts in Switzerland at the legendary Olympia in Paris, a remix for Wax Tailor,  we just released our first album ‘Music for Imaginary Movies‘ with a few featuring with the wonderful Danish singer Astrid Engberg, French Clarinet genius Kledsy Jy & English funky poets /emcees Green-T & FP from ASM & Wax Tailor.

How did you come up with the name Berry Weight?
Countless hours of  hitting random buttons, dialing obscure codes & strange words in even stranger machines… we knew what we were looking for.


What or who inspires you to make music?
Everything! Pretty much anything in everyday life can inspire us to make music, people, nature, sounds, pictures, colors, feelings… interviews!  Inspiration often comes from not focusing on anything.

There is so many great artists, we have a lot of respect for people like  Marc Moulin, Bernard Purdie, Delia Derbyshire, De la soul, Bonobo, Clutchy Hopkins, Nina Simone, Madlib, Thom Yorke, Fourtet, Ennio Morricone, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Ravi Shankar, The Avalanches & so many more that we appreciate as much.

What is the main thing you want people to get from listening to your music?
We hope our music translates the fun we have working & learning together & maybe inspire people to follow their dreams. If we can make just one person feel good for one second with our sounds that is awesome.

What can the fans look forward to for the rest of 2010 and beyond?
We have many projects at the moment, more music,collaborations , live show…etc.  We are also working on a soundtrack for a Claymation short…  we will be working together during this summer in Montreal.   It shouldn’t be long till we make some official announcements.

We look forward to hearing you new material,  Thanks for taking the time to breifly speak to us, Finally, is there any messages you want to send to your fans?
Thanks so much for the love  &  support, it means the world to us!

You can preview and buy the album below:


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