Handsome Baldmen and Relentless bring nothing but pure raw lyricism and energy on their newest tune called  “Bakerstight4destruction”. I need not say more, just hit the play button and check it out right away.
Handsome Baldmen is a hip-hop/rap duo consisting of Lu Chin Chen aka Mister Cleen & B-Dast aka Bald Bull. Both handle the rhyme duties and B-Dast handles the production side of things. They connected in 2001 through B-Dast’s brother MP who Lu Chin Chen was working with as part of another collective. B and Lu have similar artistic vision and prefer a diverse palette as far as production and song/rhyme styles go. They finally decided to start working on material as a duo in 2014 as Handsome Baldmen after working on songs as part a loose collective of MC’s known as the Dirty Bakers who were also formed by B-Dast. Handsome Baldmen follow a code of having fun with the music and not putting themselves in a box as far as sub-genre.
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