GV aka God’s Voice is a up and coming emcee who brings a unique, personal touch to his music and then some. After spending some time in New Jersey and Tampa, Florida, the young artist used said time to develop his artistic skills which led him to release his first video “Power Of Now”. He went on to drop 2 singles  “Exhale” and “Another Hit” as he prepares to make a profound statement with his art.



Today- GV’s heartfelt new single, “Tunnelz” is his most personal effort to date. Written in the style of a confessional, this artist seamlessly weaves social issues and the day-to-day life of a starving artist into the fabric of the song. Making use of a dark, cinematic/gritty soundscape, surrounded by fluttering keys and a fat bass which provides a profound nostalgia inducing feeling for the listener. The old school vibe juxtaposed with GV’s signature futuristic delivery makes for a truly memorable sonic landscape. Video production company, A1 Vision has become the visual keystone of “all things GV.” This dream team have created a cinematic masterpiece to accompany “Tunnelz” with a visual that speaks directly to the zeitgeist gripping urban centers across the country. GV goes hard, spits a solid flow, his message is clear…. and he’s impossible not to root for.


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