Emerging indie rapper GR3G shares his debut project Wasted talent which is a 7-track body of work that details his life. The Chi-town emcee delivers a heartfelt and introspective body of work ripe with a soulful and cinematic soundscape that fits his profound lyricism that dives into the various struggles within the African American community and his own shortcomings.

The project opens up with the title track and it sets the tone right off the bat. Over a drumless nostalgic soundscape, GR3G gives listeners a glimpse into his life and reminds us that it’s not all gravy. From the ups and downs and in-betweens, he shows how being resilient has really helped him become who he is today. In “If I Pray”, he uses a mellow jazz-infused soundscape made up of solemn horns, warm basslines, and punchy drums to share his thoughts on religion and the never-ending cycle humans face. He questions what life is really worth and if there really is a God willing to help but at the end of it all, he doesn’t lose hope and takes on the challenge to make it. This is followed by the bravado-laden tune “Head In The Clouds” which sees him in his element. Over a piano-driven soundscape, he delivers fiery bars and mixes them with vivid imagery of the hood and how everyone has to follow their individual paths rather than follow what others think. In “Cause & effect”, he looks at two sides of the same coin and how each side affects the other. He is in introspective mode on this tune and pours his frustrations on wax as he sets his eyes on success with his own hard work. The tempo slows down on the moody “Aliyah’s Interlude” and the somber aesthetics of “Life Is A Game Of Chess”. The former is braggadocio in nature while the latter sees the rapper detailing his troubled childhood and working with the cards life dealt him.

The project closes with “The Bottle/Freedom”, a soulful and reflective record that deals with self-doubt, failure, and regret. GR3G runs through the various lessons he learned and how he had to discard some of the conditioning that was instilled in him. Overall, the song deals with him finding his true self while struggling with inner demons that refuse to go away.

Wasted talent is a solid body of work. It’s highly cohesive and the choice of beats ranging from jazz/soul infusion fits the theme of the project. GR3G holds it down on every track all by himself and pens heartfelt and candid songs that everyone can relate to one way or the other.

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