Manchester-based singer/producer glue70 makes a grand entry on our site with this heartwarming piece he calls “Dark Days.” Despite the gloomy title, the track is quite. uplifting and sees the singer detailing how he keeps his head up when dark. clouds float over him. far from being downcast or sad, he approaches it from a realist view and comes to terms with the situation by accepting it and keeping his game face on as much as he can. Over the moody, nostalgia-inducing texture and soft keys he implores us to keep pushing with lines like “…and when you have no life left/ don’t walk away, don’t go to those dark days”

“Dark Days” is the follow up to his previously released single “‘Time Goes Slow” and both tracks are off his forthcoming full-length project hat You Want coming soon via Majestic Casual label.  The project will be a blend of different genres ranging from jazz, neo-soul, UK garage to hip-hop, and more. Get “Dark Days” on all DSPs here.


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