Nothing more engaging than starting your song with a snippet from an obscure Hong Kong flick (I suspect Drunken Master though). Rapper Gark Mavigan is sticking to what he knows best and having fun with it. The visuals for his single “Bad Combination” shows nothing less than a young man with a knack for slick(albeit nerdy) lyrics and a huge appetite for Ramen noodles.

The track, which is produced by SmithTheMister, stems from the Bay Area rapper’s great 2015 release, RAMENdon. The quick-hitting project centered on the emcee’s love for all things noodle-related, including the wisdom that you may not want to mix your meal of Top Ramen with a side of Olde English. In addition to a gnarly hangover and nasty heartburn, you’re likely to make some bad decisions when, erm, enjoying those two at the same damn time.

And that’s only part of what makes “Bad Combination” such a lovable and relatable joint, because there’s even more to digest on here. Like the fact that Mavigan’s one of the more creative lyricists doing it right now, which he showcases through line after line of clever bravado on the track’s second verse. Luis Montoya captures the rapper’s spirit and passion with his quick-moving direction, all while providing beautiful shots of Chinatown. That’s most definitely not a bad combination.

Check out the visuals, and be sure to press play on Mavigan’s RAMENdon EP, which is available for stream via SoundCloud and Audiomack.

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