Tanya Morgan ft. Median & Mr. Day Job – Golden Ticket (Busch Ice  Remix)

Von Pea Feat. The Lessondary & Mr. Day Job – Faded (The Ladders Remix)

Ok so not be a fan for remixes…This whole project from start to finish is hard from the start to finish…I fux with this heavy tho..Forever in rotation..Will upload a couple different tracks a little later due to technical purposes other than that..Hailing from Atlanta, now residing in Bedstuy, Brooklyn..I’m a fixed gear bike enthusiast, track bike designer & builder, and avid whisky connoisseur!!!

Mr. Day Job is killin’ this as switched his stance from Mc to composer..Bang this properly and listen to the whole thing…Support! ghea.

“Busch Ice RadioShack Mic Remixes” DOWNLOAD ON BANDCAMP CLICK HERE


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