Has-Lo – Forgotten Styles

Has-Lo is offering up the final single “Forgotten Styles” of his debut album “In Case I Don’t Make It” for listeners while he continues work on a couple of upcoming videos and an impressive remix vision of the album entitled “Conversation B”

On Forgotten Styles,  Has-Lo vocally stomps out the beat and leaves a giant shoe print as the new face in rap music.  His verses are relaxed and crisp, floating quickly overtop the up-tempo beat (which was produced by Has-Lo himself).  A point often overlooked is Has-Lo‘s strength as a producer and his ability to create musical landscapes that fit his own particular vocal style and patterns.  “Forgotten Styles” showcases this point as the beat allows Has-Lo to flow effortlessly, dropping verbal gems while noting his production & proclaiming “I can pioneer your hit like I’m Rick Rubin, Has-Lo’s on production…”.

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Forgotten Styles Lyrics

Verse 1:
Report and highlight. Art imitates life
The written gem shinin like the wisdom in the eye of Christ
Black youth comprehend the science of life
Seein the reward of livin foul and then dyin trife
You could be a rap mogul
My word cut up and sculpt tunes to a fantasy we hold true
Life’s like a short story where you build wealth
And the cost is you lost touch with the old you
A lower class nobody
The opposite of what urban radio is sayin is a hot beat
You seem as if you disillusioned, my clique’s rulin
Iron fist movement, and the verse reveal the blueprint
Vocally I’ll stomp out beats and leave a giant shoe print
The new face in rap music
You be a player while I change the game if the rules are a nuisance
Rep for my ill unit
It ain’t nothing, I visualize seein how you livin the illusion
A trance when the beat’s bumpin
I could pioneer your hit like I’m rick ruben
Has-Lo is on production. Yea

Verse 2:
Communicate in Sub-Ether
Lovin rap even as a little youth when we used to rock a hustler or brushed ceasar
For the people home rappin to a mirror knowin something gotta change
Still seemin out of range
I know the feelin, they say I’m analytical
As if what they listen to is makin any real sense
A lost art’s reappearin, I’m livin proof
The street’s killin the youth, I try to shield them
Anyone you hear from is knowin Has goin hard
Never goin pop even though his song goin cross
So will ours only ya’ll couldn’t know the odds
I throw a bomb like a talk from the older gods
To get you amped like a volt to charge
Solid, I’m a cobra. Covert ops
You need help verifyin who the voice is
Yo, I shoot off raps like it was 3-pointers
It got weird when the biz grew enormous and corporate
Start a label and make your boys rich
We forget what it was like before this
But now we live and die for it. yo

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