Dr. Quandary – Semuta

Dr. Quandary- The Palm and the Fingers

Dr. Quandary – Holographic Body

GHEA!!! For the life of me…This is some of the most personal and passionate composition to my eardrums, havent heard something like this in a minute and for some reason, hit my soul, it’s not your everyday hiphop beat, but the infastructure of audbile arrangements in this work is like when you critique art, or when your soundtrack takes on solid form…This is unique as it sounds and the intro for the first track is one of the hardest, Sh!t is brolic..lol…Introducing composer, “Dr. Quandary” out of boston with this one…More to come but here’s what was said bout the beat tape: Sigils is a collection of short-form ambient and minimalist beat experiments, originating in the late days of the Beyond All Spheres sessions


DOWNLOAD “Sigils” On Bandcamp CLICK HERE

Dr. Quandary: Twitter


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