One of the lyrics in a song we played this week says, “Every show needs a DJ” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why you get two hours of music mixed live by our very own Chase March on the radio every week here on Word is Bond Rap Radio. So please hire a DJ if you are putting on a rap concert. You need one!

Show some love to the DJ. When you are at a show and snapping pictures, make sure to get one of the DJ. If you are an MC, thank the DJ, by name, during your set. Hip-hop started with a DJ. Let’s remember and honour that.

Enjoy the show!

Lee Reed – The New Steal
Rifree ft Jabba the Kut – Beauty in Every Sky
Solar C ft Bes Kept – Open Trails
Dizz1 ft MED & Jimetta Rose – Hard to Breathe
Just Taylor – D3
Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh – The Meeting
Chris ORrick ft Fashawn – Bottom Feeders
Awaxx of The Rhythm Writers – Terminally Local
2Pac ft Scarface – Smile
A.G. – Magical World
J Scienide & Bozack Morris – Capeesh
Realio Sparkzwell ft C Rayz Walz – Bite on this Olive
TSP – Verbal Combat
Solomon Childs – Statik Bars
Beat Rabbi ft Deepspace5 – Return of the Real Hard Beats
Napoleon Da Legend – Gigantic Egos
MikeAll ft NoMC and Trcay Soman – Mic Issues
Ambition – Get Down (We Can)
Tongue Helmet – the unknown
Buck-N-Nice – Leader
Beastie Boys – Here’s a Little Something For Ya
Ill Seer – Lampin in Lambton
LEX – Phase Out (The Bullsh*t)
Malcolm Jay – Colours
ullnevano & MANHE – Time Wasted
Del & Amp Live – Gravy Train
Exit Only – Comic
Lee Reed – The Cost of Tacos
M.Sea – Lucid Dreams
TNV (That New Vessel) – Baggage Claim
INI – Think Twice
Cquel – Respect the Elements
The Roots – Break You Off


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