This is an interesting one from emcee E.S.P who hails from Southbridge, Massachusetts. His latest effort is the soulful gem title Shadow People. The man oozes with confidence with the way he laces the track, switching between braggadocio and thoughtful lines to convey his intentions. While the topic ain’t new the approach is engaging with a lot of replay value.

Shadow People is off his sophomore album The Culture.

“Shadow People” refers to all the haters, fakes, and back stabbers that exist on the scene today, lurking in the shadows. This track was produced by EvillDewer.

E.S.P, out of Southbridge, Massachusetts, is a pure lyricist who is reminiscent of the golden age of hip hop when emcee’s were competitive. His content is creative and relevant and his overall message is positive. He is known for his cryptic writing style as well as an impressive cadence, which he shows off on his debut. E.S.P. is not making music for wealth, but rather to add his chapter to the culture and create what he loves and feels should shape his legacy.
Support “Weapon of Mass Production”, the debut album (2014) by E.S.P on ITunes HERE




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