Elijah The Young Prophit thrilled us with his poignant outlook on the socio-political landscape of America on his single  “Letter 2 Trump”  and now he is back with a new video/mini-movie for the aforementioned single

The cinematic visual offering is directed and written by Shock B of Def Squad Studios, who uses the young rapper’s lyrical insights to portray the stark reality of our current political climate. The video plays out like a short film that encapsulates the fear and horror that so many of our young people have been forced to endure during school shootings and instances of police violence.

Elijah portrays himself not just as an artist looking for answers, but also a young man unsure about where this world is heading. But he—along with his guests, Da Youngfellaz—has an air of hope that cuts through the darkness, making even the most cynical person hope that maybe, just maybe, the intended recipient of “Letter 2 Trump” gets to hear it.

Get the audio HERE



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