FTG (Sean J and Soy) – Do Better

Thanks to Sean J, for sending this over. After recently listening in Awe to a “A Tree By Myself” Sean & Soy bring it once again, both production (Soy) & Lyrics (Sean J) are Ace!


“After the great response from “DILLIGAF”, the rapper/producer duo FTG (Flip Them Guys), which consist of Orlando’s own Sean J & Soy, drops another brand new track from their upcoming mixtape WTF? (Who The Flip?). “Do Better” is an emotional rollercoaster of honesty and arrogance over a mellow chopped-sample beat. In the song, Sean J shows the difference between an FTG track and normal Sean J and Soy collaboration… cockiness. Looking to be released in the next couple of weeks, The WTF? mixtape will be mixed by DJ Sureshot and presented by Reign Clothing Boutique. The mixtape is basically a compilation of tracks that Sean J and Soy has already done together. An official FTG project should  drop by the end of this year.”

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