T.O.I.Y.Z. MUSIC is taking s atand to show that the South isn’t void of lyrical content when it comes to music. Hence, Virginian visionary and Axxin The Supernova have pooled together an array of emcees from Virginia and North Carolina to create a body of work that will basically speak for itself. This Mixtape presented by DJ NellyD is titled Lyrical Warfare and it is literarily a lyrical warfare because there is a point to prove. It goes without saying that this mixtape shows that the South can definitely get down and represent. Promizz & D.I., Jameek Karriem, Kincee, GOLIATH, Gritty Grime, Deadly Strangah, Axxin The Supernova, Born Ruler, J. Bentley, F.O.U.R., Broadway, Kalonji The Immortal & Strictly Biz, Yahucanon, THE DICEMAN, FloDaPro, Praverb the Wyse, Black Reign, Analyzz (Doc Ammo), Don Drano, Billy Bogard, SincereTheGeneral, Aimee Michelle, Zaki Khateeb (Gee Lett),Wise King Allah, Da Paper Lady, Dontae Dynamite, Bunchey Crosby, Sonni Boss, Pytch Blaq a.k.a. Tha Durhamotologist and CHILDREN OF IZREAL are the emcees that hold the mic down on this project and they did a pretty good job too. Check it out and download because you can.

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